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play to end the sixth. carbon
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bernie grounds into a double play. chris narbeson 3-0 against the cubs this season. we're back with the 1:00 thursday afternoon. randy wells for the cubs. once again our final score tonight milwaukee 3 the cubs to. chicago cubs baseball in hi definition is part to buying x finity only from comcast. this is len kasper inviting you to stick with us the wgn news is next. just car insurance.
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the country tonight what happens next as drew peterson sits in jail >> drew's law is dead >> claiming victory the law struck down, third district appellate court in illinois, ultimately concluding voices from the great would not be heard by in the jury in the murder trial of former police officer drew peterson hearsay testimony the issue >> tells us that hearsay evidence if it is going to get in under the doctrine of forfeiture by wrongdoing it is going to be problematic for the state that they cannot rely on hearsay evidence they need to rely on evidence hard factual evidence in order to convict somebody which is as it should
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be >> if you months ago county prosecutor argued the issue four in front of the appellate court claiming that the statement made by drew peterson wives would be admissible in court decision is said statements attributed to the wives will not be allowed upholding a private former court ruling considered or unreliable >> no evidence drew peterson any wrongdoing in fact the evidence will show what have been impossible for him to be involved in the death clearly an accident >> drew peterson charged with killing a third wife a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife over two years in jail remains in isolation he learned of the news of the ruling today reaching out to attorney told him it is about time as for the state county
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attorney office and no word reaching out to the illinois supreme court to appeal the decision trial set to begin sometime late september >> rod blagojevich wants to go to trial for a third time arguing he was the victim of bias and other errors trial back in june he was convicted on 17 counts also found guilty lying to the fbi in its first trial rod blagojevich filed a motion in court yesterday criticizing the jury selection process claiming the judge ruled against him at every turn and arguing more of the government wiretap tapes should have been played, united states attorney's office is expected to respond. >> police involved shootings in chicago up significantly this year so much so police superintendent garry mccarthy adjusted the issue this afternoon following a pair of incidents overnight, >> a big jump in police involved shooting so far this
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year chicago police superintendent says not because officers are trigger happy he says assaults against police have climbed also at the question is why are people not obey officers commands? >> what is going on that people are willing to turn a gun or shoot at police officers civilians or anybody? >> addressing the media today after 2 police involved shootings in the span of 3 hours monday night part of a dramatic spike this time last year there were 25 police said bob shooting sold by this year there have been 41. >> because he is out of the cirque not justifiable to me >> 11:00 last night police responding to a call of shots fired in west humboldt park trying to fit the description of the suspect interviewing a boy they say 13 year-old jimmell cannon pulled out a weapon and pointed it at police officer fired 6 rounds according to
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police the boy's weapon turned out to be a toy relatives dispute that he remains in a hospital under arrest had come to a bed >> he did not have a weapon in his hand he was gunned down 8 times shot twice in the hand twice in the shoulder and four times in the leg a 13 year old innocent child that was just having fun at the park. >> we have 13 year old kids on the street late at night whether it is a toy gun a real firearm or a replica gun that is a recipe for disaster >> earlier monday night another police said bob shooting in east garfield park, joe banks jr. on a bicycle refused to stop and pointed a gun at officer who opened fire they say a gun was recovered from the scene but his family says there was no gun. >> this case does not smell good specifically it >> relatives asking a thorough investigation. they filed a formal complaint today with the independent police review
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authority the agency charged with probing all shootings involving chicago police officers. >> i think they are trigger happy right now >>i know they are here to protect themselves but it is disturbing when they are being shooters the #1 shooters against everybody and everybody has a gun >> out of 41 police had called shooting superintended superintendent garry mccarthy says weapons recovered and all but one case so what can reverse the trend of the rising police involved shootings? one possible option already on the table making the city child curfew law, earlier. as for the two people shot at last by instances incidents, injuries not believe to be life-threatening >> charges filed in the murder
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of an off-duty police officer better read it was about to retire july 2010 officer michael bailey gone down in the front of his home suspect 24 year old antwan carter charged late today with first degree murder and attempted armed robbery, in prison since september of last year on an unrelated charge, officials got a break after antwan carter reportedly started talking about killing officer michael bailey investigators also discovered handwritten letters implicated himself in the murder. >> mayor emmanuel and big labor did not see eye to eye on cost- cutting but at least they are talking. today city hall unions answered his call for concessions with the 2 kutcher $42 billion cost-cutting proposal that want to trim middle management and clout heavy private contractors work rule changes the mayor says he needs to avert 625 layoffs. for$242
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million cost-cutting proposal >> need to have a more efficient way it >> no part of the budget any part of the budget to work reform and everything in between the boundaries is not off limits is on the limits >> reviewing labor's report when you get the cement masons has to agree to accept time at half pay for overtime work instead of double time saving six jobs >> congressional phone lines are jamming with callers angry about the debt stalemate in washington the website of tad eleroy congressmen crashed after president obama call for voters to weigh in, house speaker john boehner ran off of the hook and the website crashed tomorrow vote on his plan for raising the debt limit canceled he is rewriting it after budget officials said it cuts spending less than advertised and a top senate republican wants to renew talks with the white house. >> we need to be engaged president the only person in america who can sign a bill into
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law and get a bipartisan solution that can pass the house passed the senate and be signed by the president >> the plan by the senate democratic leader harry reid has no chance of passing the house and no deal by next tuesday america could default on debt for the first time in history >> football is back and the bears want to hit the ground running >> players return for the first time since the lockout and now scrambles to fill out the roster before camp begins on friday it >> tom skilling keeping an eye on the forecast >>wgn news @ 9
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bears the 5 month old lockout ended yesterday and today they began to weigh in, rich king >> halas hall officially open for business the media allowed into a brief time players' representatives labor animosity over both ready for the grind for the ultimate goal of the super bowl >> leadership is great in the locker room we will be ready to play football and make their run it to the super bowl we need to be professional all our guys are professional you did not come into the organization if you are not a professional guess what if you are not you sign your way out of the door history speaks for itself we are going to be ready to play football >> happy to hear that talk should be about what it takes to get back to the super bowl and win the super bowl instead of beat back business business >>in the absence of the players we
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have been working on being prepared for the presumption of operations and getting back to the super bowl that is what it is about >> side players can come to camp out and cannot talk to free agents but no free agent can be signed before friday night as expected the bears will be reporting to bourbonnais, football is back >> weather certainly says football humidity builds and storms return going to be hot temperatures tom skilling forecast is next.
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tom skilling >> tonight you can almost throw open the windows and take advantage of the northeast wind a lower humidity air into the area but it was not last. can you say air conditioning?
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beautiful pictures storms recently have led to a flock of beautiful pictures. imagine sitting on the beach and watching that thing coming at you. towering cloud looking of the weekend the top of these clouds get up to 90 below zero, that is how it thunderstorm mixes down cooler air absolutely gorgeous day these high clouds blowing off distant thunderstorms no risk to our area. big storms happening out in the planes tonight the ring of fire ready to activate again, blazing heat 98 degrees in st. louis the hot dome of their doing its thing going to
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expand northward we will be in the low and mid 9 vistamar of the stars can flare in our area as the gig is up, look at the area above 90 degrees today above kankakee in the southern suburbs blending into 100 degree air in kansas and parts of oklahoma. the air is desperately humid. that is going to fuel the storms that run along the edge of the perimeter giving it the ring of fire designation. 59 percent more air conditioning july 2nd date- date, a measurement of how much the air conditioning has increased since june of about 38% a testament to how warm it has spent this season, 10 i tabled a refreshing break as northeast winds are blowing into the area turning southeast by morning and southwest by noon warning us of but 72 degrees in chicago yet it is 89
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degrees and st. louis strengthening as a jet stream that will lay out west to east across the area just like it did last friday night and saturday morning if you remember what happened back then. the corridor of storms the set up may occur but cannot be precisely placed we will show you a model estimate of rainfall, current temperatures with the northeast wind blowing at about 9 mi. per hour with day dew point dfown to 60own to 60s instead of 70s where it has been, lower suburbs flirted with 90 today near the lake was in the '70s and the low 80s and tonight comfortable, 73 degrees at o'hare 72 east chicago harbor, there is the
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view from downtown. another camera up in north dakota where the storms have been moving through the area with powerful wind gusts as you can see in parts of south dakota those are with storms coming this way saw the headline is stormy but we qualify that by saying it will be many nice hours tomorrow there could be an isolated storm warm front in the morning scattered in the afternoon and tomorrow night. almost 7 in. of rain that sounds ridiculous but is actually brainthe way it rainfalls, while we were flooding others were watching the ground crack that is the kind of distribution of rain you get this time of year, the study temperatures tonight in the '90s we suspect to get things percolating tomorrow, sotheby's
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tomorrow back to the low 90s by thursday look at the storms we are watching the cumulonimbus clouds coming from the dakotas second night in a row they may swipe the area tomorrow morning on the nose of the hot air producing the heat advisories, here you can see the clouds swiping us tomorrow and then maybe a thunderstorm at those clouds in the afternoon but big storms brewing to the north and we are getting impressive range numbers so that is something we will have to watch their could be thunderstorms and heavy rain from the storm tomorrow night especially. clouds increase in late tonight there might be an isolated storm towards the morning low 72-76 maybe dipping temporarily into the upper 60s and some suburbs because of the dry air tomorrow or early thunderstorms a caring and a spot or two and then a dusty
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southwest wind hot and humid with afternoon thunderstorms with about 40% coverage temperatures jumping to about 94 degrees tomorrow night and early thunderstorm at numerous storms and once with the big hit like a downpours looking for severe weather there could be wind gusts with them occurring as there are in a jet stream beneath the jet stream and thursday storms could pop up again in the afternoon partly sunny hot and humid back to the 90's and the seven day forecast: 94 tomorrow to 87 on friday turning ran off on friday isolated thunderstorms saturday and sunday afternoon at the big storms later tuesday next week. >> coming up after four months of seemingly endless strikeouts adam dunn comic through against one of the best pitchers in
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